"Big Ugly"  Guaranteed functionally exquivient!!

The meanest, biggest, baddest, gnarliest, bestest stamp positioner in town (just a pinch of hyperbole on this one).

Hand-crafted by itinerant Peruvian clam pickers, these things will make you wonder why you ever bought anything else. Not for the faint of heart. But it works really good! (Or well, as the case may be.)  

The main attraction consists of a one-piece L-shaped positioner, 2 index plates, silicone bumpers for all, and instructions.  Why the name? You can buy stuff that looks REALLY good, but if it doesn't work for beans, what good is it?!

"Big Ugly" retails for $23.00...and come on; you know you want it!

copyright 2017 Fred B. Mullett