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the "Big Ugly" stamp positioner
the "Big Ugly" stamp positioner
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: FBM_Big_Ugly
    Price: $23.00

    "Big Ugly"

    Guaranteed functionally exquivient!!

    The meanest, biggest, baddest, gnarliest, bestest 
    stamp positioner in town. (Justa pinch of hyperbole on this one.)

    Hand-crafted by itinerant Peruvian clam pickers, these things will make you wonder 
    why you ever bought anything else. Not for the faint of heart...but it works really good! 
    (Or well, as the case may be.)  

    The main attraction consists of aone-piece L-shaped positioner, 2 index plates, silicone bumpers 
    for all, andinstructions.  You can buy stuff that's really pretty with cute names, butwouldn't you rather have something that works?

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