Date: March 5th, 2018

"My only defense against the madness is to paint." 
(probably said by some artist somewhere at some point in time)

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...and more!

Greetings from here
Rubberfish Headquarters
and BBQ Bunker!

Am helping out a fellow supplier who is selling off his inventory of embossing powders.  They're being offered in bulk (half pound and full pound quantities only, no further discounts) at out-the-door prices, and I thought I'd give my customers a shot at getting in on this.

And if you wonder what to do with such amounts, you could resell some to friends, maybe get a bunch of folks together to buy a pound and split it, use it in Suze Weinberg's Hot pot from years ago (if you have one), gift it out to the lessers in your crowd or buy a bunch of Fred's Big Dead Rubber Fish and go crazy.
  Just a thought.

Anywho, the links are just below.  You'll need both.  

Selection and Price Guide

Worksheet and Ordering Information

Make someone smile and send them a good wish for the day.

Stay snug and warm.  Spring is just around the corner.  So is Daylight Savings.  (ALREADY??)

And as always, thanks for your time and your interest.

Fred B. Mullett
Stamps From Nature Prints
PO Box 8682
Prairie Village, KS 66208
913.383.5372 - fax
816.472.0044 - studio

Life Member - Nature Printing Society

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