Date: September 24th, 2018

My new dragon name: "Derf the Aggravated, Hoarder of Diced Chicken and Eye Drops."

(I doubt I'm gonna get much fear or respect out of this one.)

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Greetings from the Heartland!

Kicking and screaming into some semblance of the 21st century, there are now parts of the catalog that are available as (gasp!) cling mounted (red rubber on cling).

Any of the individual items numbers from Free Range Rubber comes with the option of being either wood mounted or cling mounted.  And cling mount is offered at generally a 25% discount. (NOTE: Any discounts to shipping will be made when the order is sent.  This new cling option cannot be adjusted for in the shopping cart program.  We apologize.)  The cling option for most of the remainder of the catalog will be handled later this year.

(just a few of the images available under the category Free Range Rubber)

Saunter on over and peruse.  (We need more "sauntering" on our lives, don't you think?)

And there are still a few (but only a few) of the Free Range UM bundles around for the taking.  Jump on in!


As always, thanks for your time and your interest.  As mentioned, I'll work on the rest of the catalog being offered as cling in the weeks and months to come.  Lemme know if this works for ya.

Happy Autumn, y'all!  YAY!

Remember these guys?

Just click the graphic to find them on the shopping portion of the site.

Fred B. Mullett
Stamps From Nature Prints
PO Box 8682
Prairie Village, KS 66208
816.472.0044 - studio/text

Life Member - Nature Printing Society



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