Date: January 12th, 2018

"Bad choices make for good stories." (heard)

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Waving at ya from the frigid Heartland!

Hey there...and Happy New Year to all!  

Thought I'd drop in for a quick mention of a few new amusements.  These are some Free Range Rubber "line art" images based on things from the Stamps From Nature Prints side of it all.  They come as red rubber and are sold individually as mounted or as a group UM half sheet.  Go HERE or click the above image to head over to the shopping side of things on the site.

A reminder there are still UM Bundles available from across the whole catalog.  Each bundle is either $22.50 (if mounted, over $100 MSRP) or $26.50 (if mounted, over $150 MSRP).  And sorry, but bundles ship only to the Continental US, AK, HI, and US Territories.

(This special is limited to stock on hand.  All other normal terms and conditions apply. See FACTOIDS on shopping site. Reduced shipping rates apply.)

You'll find links to each group and its images under SPECIALS on the left hand menu bar.

Be sure and touch me back if you have any questions on this, but don't wait too long. 

Stay snug this Winter Season and enjoy it as best you can.  And as always, thanks for your time and your interest.

Fred B. Mullett
Stamps From Nature Prints
PO Box 8682
Prairie Village, KS 66208
913.383.5372 - fax
816.472.0044 - studio

Life Member - Nature Printing Society

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