Date: March 28th, 2016

"For in truth art is implicit in nature, and whoever can extract it has it." ...Albrecht Durer

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Spring is coming, they say...

...and who am I to argue.  Bring it!

There are a few new toys tossed up on the site to keep things interesting.  There are several sizes of the new nature prints to check out, so, click any of the graphics below to get to the new stuff.  

And new stuff also includes the wonderful line drawing of the Maryland Blue Crab you see above (two sizes).  Great on tan paper, as you can see, will colored pencils and little white highlights.  Almost good enough to eat!


No matter what kind of fun you have this Spring, be safe and play hard.

And as always, thanks for your time and your interest.

The link to the Nature Printing Society.

(some social media forums are yet to come into being.  stay tuned.)

Fred B. Mullett
Stamps From Nature Prints
PO Box 8682
Prairie Village, KS 66208
913.383.5372 - fax
816.472.0044 - studio

Life Member - Nature Printing Society

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