Date: December 1st, 2014


"Diffused and suggestive, yet wrapped in a distinct and wandering border...with wiggles in the middle."

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Seasonal Greetings from the Heartland!

Thanksgiving is over as is Black Friday (whew!!) and we have but a few short moments to catch our breath before the pressure is really on for what comes matter what you do to honor the Mystery.

So with this small window of opportunity, let me just slide in and wish each of you Happy Holidays and all good things to come in the New Year...especially more time to make a little creative magic.  This time of year, there's usually food for the body.  Let's hope there's food for the soul in your future as well.  And share them both, if you can.

Thanks again for your part in another year of riding herd over Uncle Fred's Cavalcade of Dead Rubber Fish here at the Art Farm and BBQ Bunker located somewhere in the Heartland.

Be well...and as always, thanks for your time and your interest.











bits and bobs

Did you see the piranha treatments over on Pinterest?  Very sexy!

free sticker sheets

Intended for use with full sheet (10 per) of 2"x4" mailing labels (i.e. Avery 15163, 15563, 15663, etc).  Works best with borderless color printers.

Click either image to open in new window or Right click and Save As to download to your computer.

Fred B.

(some social media forums are more fleshed out than others.  just sayin'.

Fred B. Mullett
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